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PartDispatchTM brings together people seeking parts, selling parts and dismantling parts to create a convenient and seamless on-demand platform that makes better use of new and existing data.


Stop getting stuck between the two money-making stages you care most about: buying and selling parts. PartDispatchTM delivers highly efficient, all-in-one part sourcing and logistical services, from locating discontinued OEM parts to delivering hard to find collectible car parts to your business or automotive restoration shop.


Born from an idea to connect pillars of the automotive parts industry into one, unified game changer, PartDispatchTM is uniquely positioned to transform the way the world buys, sells and acquires used automotive parts. With over 10,000 salvage and recycler yards, with over 14 million cars recycled yearly and over 20+ major part retailer supply chain brands globally, we are connecting what’s needed with what’s next to empower our clients to thrive in a rapidly changing automotive part marketplace.

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Why should you join us: We have been stuck using traditional ways to locate and find auto parts by having no other choices to control costs to get auto parts quickly. 

Through a patent-pending process, a network of qualified pickers source needed auto parts. Then parts are dispatched directly to your doorstep. Our unique business method will take the stress out of locating and ordering the parts you need.

This cloud-based solution transforms your business with simple, connected processes, open integration, and intelligent technology:

  • Track up-to-the-minute delivery and dismantler performance

  • Open platform easily accommodates third-party integrations

  • Minimal integration fees and no long-term contracts

  • Intuitive workflow for sourcing parts efficiency and improved customer experience

  • Dedicated Professional Dismantler to help you get the most out of your searches.



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